Library Danger Zone!

I am next in line for SIX of my NINE holds at the library. I like to refer to this as the Library Danger Zone. It’s my nightmare that I get all the books I’ve been waiting for all at the same time! While I do get to keep them checked out for 21 days, and consider myself a fast reader… There’s no way I can read 2 books at the same time!


I am really really excited for some of these books. I hope that I have enough time to read and savor each one fully – I have been waiting for some of these titles for a MONTH, and for Missoula over 2 MONTHS!

sept-holds2The one redeeming factor is that I’ve already read a third of The Vacationers – my library loan ended before I finished, and the ebook was taken away from me.

This is one benefit of borrowing ebooks – you can’t keep them past their due date. It keeps me motivated to keep on reading – especially when I’ve been waiting for months to get a book, there is no way it is going to languish on my end table! And then be taken away before I’m done with it!! Oh hell no.

I will keep you updated if Library Book-pocalypse happens…. I really hope it doesn’t, and that I get a few days head start on each before they start rolling in. Keep your fingers crossed for me!