Recently Read: Nonfiction


I borrowed 6 books for my 5 day trip back to Sacramento over Memorial Day -did I have a jam packed schedule of things to do while there? yes. Was I so tired every night that I crashed before doing any bedtime reading? yes. Was my only time to read the time I spent traveling? Also yes.

So 6 books was excessive. I started Death in the City of Light before finishing the Painter – I was very emotionally invested in the Painter and needed something more “light” for the plane – so of course a book about a deranged serial killer doctor in Nazi-occupied Paris was the perfect choice. I could not believe this book was true! It was nuts! David King did a great job with the pacing and bringing this story to life. If you like Devil in the White City by Erik Larson, you’ll like Death in the City of Light.

Speaking of Erik Larson, Dead Wake stunned me. I think it was better than Devil in the White City, which I’ve read a couple times. I had to return it to the library on Saturday afternoon, so I spent Saturday  morning finishing the last half of the book. Oh, I cried. I was anxious. My heart raced. I cried again! Even though you KNOW the ship is going to sink, you want to believe up until the last possible minute that it won’t happen. I think that’s the sign of a good history book – when the author brings you so close to the people and the events that you believe it won’t happen, or that it’s happening organically now, and things could be different… A++ from me.

The night before last I finished Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. I loved The Signature of All Things last year, and really enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love. I like Gilbert a lot! So I finally got around to Committed, and it was interesting, especially since I’m getting married later this summer. Really interesting history of marriage and it’s historical/cultural/religious significance and how it’s changed over the thousands of years we’ve been doing it.