China Rich Girlfriend aka Crazy Rich Asians part 2

crazyrichasiansI love Kevin Kwan’s world of crazy rich Asians! Here is what I had to say about his first book, earlier this year:

This book is like sneaking into the 5 star resort down the road from your cheap hotel, just to spend 1 afternoon on a fancy lounge chair drinking expensive cocktails, pretending like you belong. It’s the most comfortable chair and the best tasting cocktail, but there’s no way you would want to have that every day of your life…. wait a sec, or would I?! You get my drift, Crazy Rich Asians is an escape from the everyday, it’s the perfect vacation read – fun, light, engaging….

Or maybe, save this book for when your regular life is overwhelming, your job is boring, no vacations on the horizon, the weather sucks, you’re broke… because Kevin Kwan does a great job of bringing you into this exclusive world and making you forget about your own problems in favor of the crazy drama of these crazy rich Asians.

I would say that I am still just as in love with the second book as I was with the first. Nick and Rachel are engaged, yet estranged from Nick’s crazy rich family in Singapore. Despite planning an intimate California beach wedding, Nick’s mother Eleanor manages to crash the party and turn Nick and Rachel’s world upside down – Eleanor has found Rachel’s long lost birth father in China. Everyone does a double take, and before you know it, Nick and Rachel are in Shanghai, meeting Rachel’s father’schinarichgirlfriend other family, including his bad boy son Carlton, his celebrity girlfriend Colette, and a host of other outrageous characters. Between the spur of the moment jaunts to Paris for shopping, to private auctions for ancient art (the winning bid is 200 million for some scrolls from the 14th century), fashion shows at family mansions… it’s nuts!! Meanwhile, there is lingering drama with Nick’s cousin Astrid, who we met in the first book. Before, her husband had a bad attitude because he wasn’t rich… now he’s a tech billionaire and a monster. Such a roller coaster. But one I love riding.

I feel like there is just enough crossover of characters and story lines from the first book to make readers comfortable, and the new material (Shanghai, Carlton and Colette, focusing on Rachel more than Nick) is great – I’m intrigued to see what happens next. But, to be honest, I am glad I’ll have a break before  #3 comes out (IF it happens…). Reading these in a span of 6 months was a little overwhelming. I like thinking about some future vacation where I can relax and read whatever Kevin Kwan publishes next!! Even if it isn’t another book in this series, I’ll probably pick up whatever he does. I’ll be looking forward to both the book and vacation.


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