Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness

I have been waiting to read this book for months, maybe over a year. I would see it at Target and pick it up but put it down, or think about buying a copy on Amazon before x-ing out of the tab, or be discouraged when the library didn’t have an ebook version. BUT NO MORE! My library got the ebook and I patiently waited for it to be my turn, and then devoured this book in 2 days.

Susannah Cahalan was a normal 24 year old living the dream in NYC, when everything starts to go wrong. She thinks she has the flu, she’s just stressed, she’s just tired, but then she has a seizure and ends up in the ER. Her journey is crazy and scary and intense – Cahalan does such a good job at recounting her psychosis, and making the reader feel as if you are right there with her. I also loved how much of her parent’s perspective she included – between her mom in denial that everything will be fine/get better eventually, to her poor dad who writes in his journal about crying on the elevator, I think her parent’s speak for the reader’s perspectives as well.

The medical research is solid. I LOVE medical memoirs/non fictions. I read the Emperor of all Maladies (a cancer “biography”), books about the plague, the influenza of 1918, sleeping sickness, death and dying, corpses, malaria, polio, vaccines, I could go on. I love them! Brain on Fire is a solid addition to my collection.

Here’s a summary from Susannah’s website:brain on fireIf you click the image you can follow through and learn more about it. I really enjoyed this! Would highly recommend to anyone who likes medical mysteries, memoirs, and peaking into the most intimate moments of a person’s life – which tbh is the best part of a good memoir.


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